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The Putting Block - Golf Training Aid

The Putting Block™ is a putting tool that helps you consistently get into the correct setup over the ball. A solid repeatable setup is critical to great putting. This training aid gives you a template that is simple and easy to use.   We are constantly looking to provide simple tools to make your golf practice time more effective.  This newest addition to the EPIC Golf Games product line will put you in a better position to make solid contact with every putt.  Watch Kelly Mitchum as he demonstrates how easy The Putting Block™ is to start using.  

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EPIC Golf Games Announces New Putting Edition - Putting Practice tool

PINEHURST, NC (December 14, 2015) - EPIC Golf Games announces the release of its new Putting Edition golf practice training tool.  With this new Putting Edition, EPIC Golf Games continues its mission to give golfers more Engaged Practice in Challenges.  The Putting Edition - Designed to Make Your Putting Practice Better The Putting Edition contains 6 categories of putting drills, games, and challenges.  Overall there are 49 unique drills and games.   EPIC Eighteen - A standard golf scoring game for putting EPIC Journey - A fantasy road trip designed to put pressure on each putt as you advance to each golf "destination" EPIC Drills - A series of drills to strengthen putting technique EPIC Workout - Helps with training for...

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Conquering a Three Putt Challenge

The idea behind Kelly Mitchum's viral three putt is what drove him to begin EPIC Golf Games.  Kelly loves a good challenge. As a PGA Teaching instructor at Pinehurst Academy whose given thousands of golf lessons, he also knows his students are more engaged in their practice sessions when it involves a game.  While most of his golf games aren't as crazy as this new three putt, they provide golfers something to work towards and help transfer their golf skills practice to the golf course.        We'd like to thank our fellow golf media partners for sharing the story of Kelly's amazing three putt:  CBS Sports The Golf Channel Geoff Shackelford

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EPIC Golf Games founder plays in final round of 2014 U.S. Open

Kelly's played in hundreds of competitive rounds of golf, but playing in the final round of the 2014 U.S. Open was a unique experience.  In his words, "it was an honor...and it was special."   At the last minute, Kelly was asked to play as a marker in a tee time with only one competitor, Japan's Toru Taniguchi.  Fortunately for Kelly, this wasn't his first time playing in an Open.  In 1995, he qualified and competed in the U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills.  Still, this made for a special Father's Day treat to play in front of his home town crowd and 40,000 of golf's biggest fans.   

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