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EPIC Golf Games Announces New Putting Edition - Putting Practice tool

PINEHURST, NC (December 14, 2015) - EPIC Golf Games announces the release of its new Putting Edition golf practice training tool.  With this new Putting Edition, EPIC Golf Games continues its mission to give golfers more Engaged Practice in Challenges

The Putting Edition - Designed to Make Your Putting Practice Better

The Putting Edition contains 6 categories of putting drills, games, and challenges.  Overall there are 49 unique drills and games.  

  • EPIC Eighteen - A standard golf scoring game for putting
  • EPIC Journey - A fantasy road trip designed to put pressure on each putt as you advance to each golf "destination"
  • EPIC Drills - A series of drills to strengthen putting technique
  • EPIC Workout - Helps with training for confidence
  • EPIC Battles - A series of fun games to play among your golfing friends 
  • EPIC Crazy Challenges - 3 insane feats to test your practice fortitude and persistence

Designed by Kelly Mitchum, a lead instructor at the Pinehurst Golf Academy, the Putting Edition compliments the previously released Short Game Edition of Golf Challenge Cards.  The new format for the Putting Edition provides a variety of game types to keep practice routines fresh.  

"We designed this deck to make putting practice more engaging and fun.  So many times golfers show up to the putting green and want to get better, but don't know how to practice putting. So they just give up.  The Putting Edition has variety, it keeps players motivated, and can make even a 15-20 minute practice session very productive," said Kelly Mitchum, President of EPIC Golf Games.

Getting better at putting requires the right type of practice routine, one that incorporates both skills and transfer types of practice.  The Putting Edition incorporates both practice types so golfers can hone putting skills, practice putting under competitive pressure situations, and increase confidence.  

Pricing & Availability:  The Putting Edition is available now on at an MSRP of $14.99 per deck.   


About Kelly Mitchum:

A Class A member of the PGA of America, Kelly Mitchum has played professionally on the Nike Tour, the Canadian Tour and various mini-tours. He is no stranger to competing on a large scale. He has played in four PGA Championships, four PGA Tour events, and recently won his sixth Carolinas PGA Championship. In 2012, Mitchum finished tied for second in the 2012 PGA Professional National Championship to record his fourth top-10 performance in six appearances. Mitchum was a four-time All-American at N.C. State, won the 1991 ACC Championship and the 1993 North & South Amateur, and was a semifinalist in the 1992 U.S. Amateur.

About EPIC Golf Games:

EPIC Golf Games helps golfers practice better in a fun and challenging way. EPIC stands for 

E - Engaged

P - Practice 

I - IN

C - Challenges

EPIC Golf Games sells a series of golf practice tools - decks of cards containing a variety of drills, games and challenges.  The current line of products includes the Short Game Edition and the Putting Edition.